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  • What shops will I find in North Beach?
    You'll discover some of the most unique boutique shops when you stroll around Columbus and Grant Avenues in this ultra-cool San Francisco neighborhood. Delight in hip clothing and accessories galore at A-B Fits, Little Vine, Abitare, Park and Pond, Al's Attire, Buyer's Best Friend, and Lola of North Beach. And if you're into antiques, you'll want to make sure you stop into Aria Antiques.
  • Where is the best dining in North Beach?
    You'll find  classic Italian at many North Beach restaurants whose menu items range from cioppino and lasagna to chicken picatta. E Tutto Qua will dazzle you with its gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce and pappardelle with lamb. And Sodini's Green Valley Restaurant will knock your culinary socks off with its tortellini carbonara and seafood linguini. Check out popular dining spots like Caffe Roma, Caffe Greco, and Caffe Trieste.