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2014 Events in San Francisco - Sketchfest

By: MediaConnect / 31 Jan 2014
2014 Events in San Francisco - Sketchfest
The 13th Annual SF Sketchfast
The San Francisco Comedy Festival
Through February 9, 2014
Now in its 13th year, Sketchfest is a celebration of comedic entertainment including standup comedians, classic comedy screenings, and so much more. Brace yourself for the belly laughs as the funny moments keep coming, with a special tribute to big-screen actor Alan Arkin. Other tributes include a fun night all in the name of Tenacious D, a tribute to Key & Peele, A Salute to Coyle & Sharpe, and many special appearances all along the way while roasting and toasting famous personalities.
For those who look for film events, you can squeeze in some of your very favorites like "Napoleon Dynamite", "Revenge of the Nerds," "Broken Lizard's Super Troopers," a "Footloose 30th Anniversary Dance-and-Sing Along Party," and plenty of other funny flicks. Each event will feature famous funny people armed with enough quips to keep the crowds going.
From live radio to the performing arts, Sketchfest is taking advantage of multiple platforms to deliver the punch lines. Live radio events include Wits with John Moe, NPR's Ask Me Another, and StarTalk Live with special guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy. Theatrical events, Improv, and sketch comedy will combine the wide-ranging shows with special guest stars to kick the humor up a notch.
Many well-known and up-and-coming standup comedians and comedy troupes will be performing, with a lineup that's already listed Gilbert Gottfried, Stella, Team Coco Live, Totally J/K, Seth Morris, SNL's Maya Rudolph, Megan Mullally who has played at "Hotel Nikko", and so many more. Fusing comedy with San Francisco's vital arts scene, the shows will use music, modern media and interactive events to keep audiences laughing out loud. With workshops, showcases, national headliners, and local favorites, there's something for everyone.
To find the acts that tickle your funny bone and register online, visit Tickets are still available.

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