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Indulge in the premium luxury of exciting merchandise by Hotel Nikko. We believe that providing the ultimate experience of comfort and opulence will give you unparalleled solace. Sleep like a baby with our soft like a feather top sheet and have an unmatched experience of ease.  

  • King Sheet Set

    King Sheet Set

    Cost - Each: $40
    Set or Bundle : $80
    Venture into a sleep journey encapsulated in comfortable, crisp 100% cotton king sheets providing complete ease. Have a more luxurious feel with the softly spun sheets that spread across your bed and give it a new definition. A deep, sound sleep awaits you with breathable quality fabric. We use environment-friendly verified cotton to provide a great comfort experience and sound sleep.
  • Double/Quen Sheet Set

    Double/Quen Sheet Set

    Cost - Each: $35
    Set or Bundle : $70
    Give your double bed a lavish twist using a double/ queen sheet set for a stylish appearance. Experience luxury wrapped in comfort by using a queen sheet set for our double bed and embark on a journey of sound sleep and recline with ease. Our sheets are made of cent percent cotton so that the fabric absorbs sweat and moisture and makes it breathable.
  • Top Sheet

    Top Sheet

    Cost - Each: $90
    Set or Bundle : $90
    Dive into deep sleep using our feather-soft top sheets that give you a warm embrace of comfort while you destress yourself after a long day. We provide quality top sheets that are rash-free and moisture-wicking so that you can breathe through the fabric. Experience deep sleep like never before with our light-weighted top sheets made from the best fabric.
  • 4 - Pillow Cases - King Size

    4 - Pillow Cases - King Size

    Cost - Each: $18.95
    Set or Bundle : $75.80
    Rest your head on 100% cotton pillowcases providing unmatchable comfort. A sateen weave on pillow covers provides a softer and more luxurious feel. Their moisture-wicking technology gives an incomparable night’s sleep after a long, tiring day. We believe in conserving the environment, which is why our pillow covers are made with certified environment-friendly fabric.
  • Bath Towel

    Bath Towel

    Cost - Each: $30.00
    Set or Bundle : $30.00
    We aim to provide premium bath amenities like comfortable and best-quality bath towels. Our bath towels are made of exclusive quality cotton and have absorbent capacity. The soft texture of the bath towels prevents rashes and irritability on the skin. The dense, plush loops of yarn make our bath towels fit for use by children as well as adults.
  • Hand Towel

    Hand Towel

    Cost - Each: $12.00
    Set or Bundle : $12.00
    Keep your hygiene a priority by opting for top-quality hand towels specifically designed to keep your hygiene and disinfection a priority. Our exclusive range of hand towels has high absorbency and is soft in texture. These hand towels are also breathable and have a high result of quick drying. You can easily take along our hand towels as they are handy to carry.
  • Wash Cloth

    Wash Cloth

    Cost - Each: $8.00
    Set or Bundle : $8.00
    We provide high absorbent washcloths so you can easily use them for cleaning purposes. The washcloths that we provide are strong and durable. They dry quickly and have long-lasting results. Our washcloths can be used for cleaning and bathing due to their soft and smooth texture.
  • Bath Matt

    Bath Matt

    Cost - Each: $20.00
    Set or Bundle : $20.00
    Add a splash of color and beauty with our creatively designed bathmats. With an extraordinary grip on the ground, our bathmats serve their purpose in the best way possible by preventing slips and falls on the wet floor. They quickly absorb water and dry easily, saving you from walking on a damp floor.
  • Pillows - Standard - Feather

    Pillows - Standard - Feather

    Cost - Each: $45.00
    Set or Bundle : $45.00
    Have a sound sleep as you rest your head on our puffed and soft pillows. We aim to provide excellent support to your head and neck so that you wake up without any pain or spasm. Our pillows are soft like a feather that are comfortable for the skin. They are standard in size so that anyone can use them without constraints.
  • 49 Dogs and One Cat, The Insider's Guide to San Francisco

    49 Dogs and One Cat, The Insider's Guide to San Francisco

    Cost - Each: $49
    Set or Bundle : $
    Explore the exemplary places of San Francisco from the eyes of 49 dogs and one cat. The is a new coffee table book by Hotel Nikko and Buster Hotel Nikko SF. Read through the pages that elaborate journey of dogs and a cat in 187 pages and enjoy a heartfelt reading experience.
  • Bo & Buster Merchandise

    Bo & Buster Merchandise

    Cost - Each: $29
    Set or Bundle : $
    Our buster plush toys are loved by all. We provide a cute and attractive buster plushie hat that is soft and smooth in texture. They are made of huggable material and are offered in various colors and sizes. They are stress relieving and keep you happier. They are light weighted and can be conveniently carried wherever you want.
  • Umbrella


    Cost - Each: $25
    Set or Bundle : $
    Protect yourself from light to heavy downpours using our strong and durable range of umbrellas. Ditch your conventional umbrella and explore the wide variety of beautiful umbrellas which are highly water-resistant and made of strong wires and fabric. These umbrellas won’t flip inside out and are durable. Apart from that, you can also use these umbrellas to protect yourself from the scorching heat.