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Sustainable Hospitality at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco

By: Hotel Nikko San Francisco / 10 Jan 2023
Sustainable Hospitality at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco

What Makes Hotel Nikko the Greenest Hotel in San Francisco

Hotel Nikko remains dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment with eco-friendly initiatives that minimize impact. From recycling to composting, to reducing water flow, and community outreach, we are committed to healthy and sustainable hospitality in San Francisco. Read on to find out more about our green initiatives, best practices, and how we encourage our employees and guests to reduce the impact on our surrounding environment.

Energy Conservation

Hotel Nikko has implemented several measures to reduce energy consumption, including installing energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and implementing a comprehensive energy management system. Guest room thermostats are equipped with sensors which turn the heating, ventilating and air conditioning off when rooms are vacant. In addition, 92% of the building's lighting is compact fluorescent or LED, saving electricity and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Water Conservation

With an in-house Aquanomic laundry program, we utilize a reuse system to maximize laundry efficiency and reduce water use per month. Guests can use green cards to choose their daily laundry preferences for linens and towels.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Hotel Nikko has a comprehensive recycling program in place and encourages guests to recycle during their stay. From food to kitchen waste, we recycle and convert it to compost, making us environmentally friendly. Guest rooms and meeting spaces feature a recycling program, and guestroom keys are biodegradable. We are proud to be the greenest hotel in San Francisco and have earned the Silver TripAdvisor Green Leader 2016 Award.

Community Outreach

The hotel works with local organizations to donate unopened and unused amenities to those in need. These efforts not only help reduce waste but also support the local community. We dedicate more than 250 hours annually to assisting the local community and have been awarded the Community Service Award by the California Hotel Lodging Association, and Community Spirit Award by the Hotel Council of San Francisco.

Sustainable Sourcing

The hotel sources locally grown and produced food and other products whenever possible, supporting local farmers and businesses and reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

Green Transportation

Hotel Nikko encourages guests to use alternative forms of transportation, such as public transportation, car-sharing, or electric vehicles. We are conveniently located two short blocks from BART (the Bay Area Rapid Transit) at the Powell Street station.
Through our eco-conscious initiatives and policies, we strive to be San Francisco's greenest hotel. By implementing these practices, we are able to reduce the hotel's environmental impact and contribute to the sustainability of the local community. Read more about our sustainability efforts or plan your trip today with our exclusive special offers.

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