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  • What is Hotel Nikko's check in and check out time?
    Check-in time at the hotel is 3 p.m., while check-out time is 11 am. Early check-in / late check-out is allowed for a fee and subject to availability. Early check-in is available upon request and based upon availability for a $50 fee plus tax.   

    Valid government-issued photo identification (state-issued ID, drivers license, passport, etc) and a valid credit card that matches the photo identification is required upon check-in for all guests.  Debit and credit cards will be charged at check-in for the amount of your stay and authorized for $125 per day to cover incidentals.  The authorization will hold the funds until check-out, at which time the amount incurred for incidentals will be charged.  The release of unused authorized amounts may take anywhere from two to thirty days by your financial institution.

    If you are under the age of 18 and not traveling with an adult, Hotel Nikko San Francisco requires a parent or guardian of the minor, or another responsible adult, to assume, in writing, full liability for any and all proper charges and other obligations incurred by the minor for accommodations. We ask that you fill out the form below and present it to Front Desk upon your arrival.  

    Assumption of Liability for Minors