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About this event

A supple and expressive voice and the uncanny ability to tell stories through music have made baritone Matthias Goerne a favorite of SF Performances audiences. The San Francisco Chronicle has reported on his seriousness and sensual allure, \"probing each song for its emotional undercurrent, then bringing that vein to the surface in musical paragraphs of weightiness and simple elegance.\" Pianist Seong-Jin Cho \"is a master. He displayed an impressive variety of tonal colors and remarkable technique, dispatched with jaw-dropping panache\" (The Wall Street Journal).\ \ Matthias Goerne is one of the most versatile and internationally sought-after vocalists and a frequent guest at renowned festivals and concert halls. He has collaborated with the world\'s leading orchestras, conductors and pianists. Born in Weimar, he studied with Hans-Joachim Beyer in Leipzig, and later with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.\ \ With an overwhelming talent and innate musicality, Seong-Jin Cho has made his mark as one of the consummate talents of his generation and most distinctive artists on the current music scene. His thoughtful and poetic, assertive and tender, virtuosic and colourful playing can combine panache with purity and is driven by an impressive natural sense of balance.\ \ The program will include:\ Works by WAGNER and STRAUSS\ \ $85/$70/$50.\ \