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About this event

Feinsteins at the Nikko presents Redhot s oldest all-gender a cappella group. Founded in 1977, just a few years after Yale opened its doors to women, Redhot & Blue has won national recognition for its innovative arrangements of jazz standards that infuse American songbook classics with the creative dynamism of the collegiate a cappella tradition.Featuring a catalog of music from Ella to Ellington and the Beatles to Beyonc, Redhot s vibrant a cappella community and within the music world at large. Their distinctive repertoire, sophisticated sound, and engaging soloists set us apart from other groups in terms of musicianship and performance value. Their repertoire of original arrangements includes everything from jazz standards to spirituals to Broadway tunes to Beatles favorites to R&B hits. The group started as a society of musicians, joined by a commitment to explore the bounds of musical possibility. Through their concerts and tours, they still embody that same tradition in the music they perform all over the world today.